Professional Treatment

Stem Cell Treatment

A unique treatment which improves conditions such as premature aging, photo damage, hyperpigmentation, acne, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles. The anti-aging extracts and vitamins have shown tremendous ability to rejuvenate aging skin. Appearance of unsightly wrinkles will be lessened, resulting in skin being more youthful and radiant. Treatment acts on these 4 factors:

• Stimulates drainage
• Improve microcirculation
• Strengthen small capillaries
• Combat skin slackening

(Disclaimer: Results may vary)

3D Radiance Fanatic Treatment

A non-invasive treatment which takes cares of area in need of rejuvenation to restore a more youthful look. It promises to tighten skin and address problems such as deep lines, wrinkles, acne scars and general sagging. Treatment uses advanced radio frequency technology which assists in tightening loose skin, promoting healthy collagen production. Experience tighter, smoother skin and a more beautiful you.

Amazing skin benefits*:
– Skin is instantly nourished and moisturized.
– Wrinkles and fine lines are significantly reduced.
– Features are plumped and the skin is full of vitality.
– A bright, even skin tone and glowing complexion is achieved.
– Face slimming

*We pledge visible results to all our clients in every session, to varying degrees.

Special add on for eyes

Special add on for neck

Soft Light/ Cold Light Therapy

A safe and non-invasive procedure whereby light of specific wavelengths is delivered to the skin to stimulate and activate cellular processes deep within the skin layers which increases the production of collagen and elastin – proteins responsible for your skin’s tone and elasticity. It reverses the effects of environmental damages and visible signs of ageing. It is completely safe and does not produce a thermal reaction in the skin.

– Low level of power output does not harm the skin
– No thermal damage, discomfort, down time, scarring or discomfort
– Lifts, tones and restores youthful appearance with 100% natural looking results
– Improves appearance of tired, flaccid skin (including breasts and abdomen) stretch marks, ‘orange peel’ textured skin and cellulite
– Can be performed year round and on all skin types with no negative side effects
– No adverse reactions in customers who have undergo treatment
– Treatment is relaxing and enjoyable


Special add on for eyes

 S$ 200

Special add on for eyes

 S$ 200


Royal treatment recreated for today’s woman

Gold has been recognised for its luxurious and beautifying properties. It is also said that Cleopatra maintained her youth and beauty by wearing a mask of pure gold to bed every night. Gold is well reputed for restoring the lost of elasticity properties of the tissues. It slows down collagen depletion and the breakdown of elastin to prevent sagging skin, stimulates cellular growth of the basal layer to regenerate healthy, firm skin cells and provide a tightening effect.

A luxurious facial treatment, with revitalizing and rejuvenating effects, that creates toned and radiant skin using sheets of 99.99% pure gold. Gold sheets are plastered over your face, and with the aid of a mist machine, the gold is absorbed into the facial pores. The 24K gold facial will lift and firm the skin by reducing appearance of lines and wrinkles, while lightening and brightening of the skin

(Disclaimer: Results may vary)

Face Treatment

 S$ 368

Full Treatment including Eye and Neck

 S$ 468

Permanent Hair Removal

Super Hair Removal (SHR) technology is the world’s most popular and widely used method of hair removal system. SHR works by gradually heating the dermis to a temperature that effectively damages the hair follicle and prevents re-growth, while not injuring the surrounding tissue. It combines high average power, low fluence, and a high repetition rate; gradually increasing the temperature of the hair follicle by stacking the pulses as the hand piece is continuously moved over the treatment area.

A clinically proven method which effectively targets hair follicles to disable growth of active hair. Permanent hair removal is achieved, leaving you with silky smooth skin with no rash or discomfort.


Lips (upper / lower)/ Eyebrow

 S$ 15

Underarm with Hot Wax

 S$ 28

Bikini Wax

 S$ 38

Half Arm

 S$ 38

Half Leg

 S$ 48

Full Arm

 S$ 50

Full Leg

 S$ 78

Brazilian Waxing

 S$ 78

Upper Back Waxing

 S$ 78-88

Lymphatic Drainage Treatment