AFT (Advanced Fluorescence Technology )

A new-age intense pulsed light (IPL), the Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT) converts unused UV light into the optimal spectrum, utilising lower energy levels resulting in clinical improvements, mild discomfort and minimal to no skin damage during treatment. Together with Equally Distributed Fluence (EDF), an innovation that limits pulse peak power to only the therapeutic range, precisely heating its intended target with little to no damage or discomfort, AFT is the key better results without downtime or the dangers of side effects like burns. Suitable for all skin types, it specialises in treating almost all kinds of pigmentation disorders such as dark spots, hyperpigmentation, freckles, sun spots, age spots and melasma, giving you toner, clearer, blemish-free skin.

Pigmentation – dark spots, hyperpigmentation, freckles, sun spots, age spots, melasma, acne, wrinkles and fine lines


Dermal Restructuring

With different part of the skin showing different signs of aging, how is it that we can cater to all the different needs without having to go through different treatments? Our Dermal Restructuring is your answer. Using 3D bi-polar RF to effectively deliver controlled RF energy into various depths of the skin, to stimulate the body’s natural restoration process as well as the fibroblast that produces collagen and elastin. Minimally invasive, this treatment, suitable for all skin types, is excellent in addressing facial issues like acne problems, enlarged pores, scarring, as well as all concerns of aging such as wrinkles, sagging, nasolabial folds, and laxity on the neck. In addition, look forward to your face looking naturally lifted.

Acne, enlarged pores, scars, wrinkles, loss of collagen and elastin, under eye and brow line sagging, dull and uneven skin tone


Frozen Age

With collagen in the skin breaking down as we age, that’s where wrinkles form, and our once firm skin starts to sag. However, don’t fret yet! Care taken from an early age can help slow down this inevitable aging process. Frozen Age, an effective yet non-surgical procedure, intelligently using radiofrequency energy (RF) to directly, in a unified manner, distribute current on a cooled skin surface, penetrating deep into the dermis, firming and tightening the skin, contouring the jawline and under the chin in a single treatment! In addition, the promotion of new collagen production that occurs in the process of the treatment will result in smoother, younger skin on a contoured face.

Loss of elastin especially under eye, on brow line, neck and jowl, wrinkles, smile lines, enlarged pores


Hydro Meso Boosters

Treat and prevent early signs of aging! Using the latest dermo-electroporation to deliberately yet harmlessly cause precise dermal injuries to arouse a natural wound healing response to improve the three vital skin elements: elastin, collagen, hyaluronic acid. The boosters, rich in Vitamin C, will whiten skin and regenerate collagen, as well as replenish your skin’s lost nutrients, giving you intensively nourished and moisturized, firm, wrinkle-free, pigmentation-free, and fair skin.

Early stages of aging – Loss of moisture, loss of elastin, wrinkles, dull and uneven skin tone, undernourished skin


Power V Shape

Lift and regenerate in a single treatment! Coupling facial electronic muscle stimulation with the latest FDA approved RF & PMF simultaneous treatment, the Power V Shape treatment aims to non-invasively, with no downtime, effectively repair and prevent aging of the skin by contouring and reducing stubborn fat pockets with multiple penetration depth. One treatment will see to your skin being nourished and looking naturally lifted, while continuous treatment will see your skin significantly smoothing out around the face, eyes and neck, reduction of acne, as well as a progressive restoration of lost collagen, resulting in a supple V-shaped face.

Superficial lines, loss of elastin, sagging skin, acne