CO2 Gel Masque

CO2 gel mask is an effective mask treatment for refining skin texture, face slimming and brightening. It consists of a mask sheet and gel. Just by combining both, CO2 is generated. It is then quickly and effectively absorbed into the skin. CO2 promotes an increase of O2 supply that is required for cell metabolism. When CO2 is absorbed into the skin, O2 is released to the skin cell and metabolism of skin is palpated. More oxygen results in active metabolism and cell renewal hence skin pigmentation, ageing and scars will be reduced. CO2 gel mask is an excellent product for keeping the balance between oil and moisture, slowing ageing and revitalize your skin to the healthy radiant condition.

25g x 6pck




1. Cleanse skin thoroughly.

2. Mix the granule powder with the gel from the capsule using the spatula provided. Note: Do not completely dissolve the granulated powder. Just mix it thoroughly with the gel.

3. Immediately apply the mixture onto the face with about 1 to 2 mm mask letting it set for 20 minutes. Tingling, stretching and warm sensations are perfectly normal. Skin may appear slightly red due to immediate oxygen supply.

4. Remove masque with spatula, cleanse the face with warm water to remove the rest of residue.

5. Toning and moisturizing with appropriate serums.

Recommended for all skin conditions.

Made in Japan

25g, 6 pcks

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