Hydra Moisture Protector

Hydra Moisture Protector is a lightweight moisturiser that hydrates your skin with a long-lasting effect. The active ingredients, Panthenol and Saccharide Isomerate, attract and hold moisture while improving the skin’s barrier function. Panthenol helps maintain the proliferation of collagen-creating cells, leaving you with supple and toned skin.

Armed with UV filters and Shea Butter, this moisturiser also serves to protect your skin against UV rays and other environmental influences. It contains Alpen Rose stem cells extracted from Alpine Rose plants, which helps to preserve the activity of epidermal stem cells in our skin and provide protection against environmental aggressors, restoring the youth and radiance of your skin.

Recommended for combination and premature aging skin conditions.

$80.00 Array



Apply gently on cleansed face and throat. Massage in an upward motion until completely absorbed. Apply after serum and before sunblock for optimum skin barrier protection.


Made in Italy

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