Multivitamin Radiance Cream

Feed your skin the two most important vitamins – Vitamin C and Vitamin E, all in one Multivitamin Radiance Cream! Vitamin C, exceptional for its anti-acne and anti-aging capabilities, promotes healthier skin. Vitamin E, named superfood for the skin, moisturises and brightens dull, listless skin by reducing the formation of free radicals caused by environmental stressors especially UV rays, heals skin from within and strengthens skin’s barrier functions. Together with other fine ingredients such as Arginine, excellent in absorption, stability and lightening of skin, as well as Caprylic, superb in skin-repairing as well as working as an anti-inflammatory, reducing the risk of breakout, this cream is especially favourable to sensitive and/or oily skin as it repairs and revitalizes your skin, giving you the robust, luminous skin you deserve.

$139.00 Array



After cleansing, apply gently on face and throat area. Massage in an upward motion until completely absorbed. Use after serum and before sunblock for optimum skin barrier protection.

Recommended for all skin conditions especially sensitive, fatigued, dull or stressed skin.

Do not use on wounds or broken skin


Made in Japan

Since the use of the products by others is beyond our control especially in terms of combining our products with other manufacturer’s products, no expressed or implied guarantee as to the beneficial effects of their use can be given nor liability taken. Individual results may vary depending on patient’s health, skin type, sensitivity, age, and skincare history.